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Chauvinistic Gore

Al wants to be the next Joe McCarthy. Also: Two TV types.

By 5.3.02

KOPPELING A PLEA: To follow up on what a lovely girl named Cher once said, peace has been declared in the Middle East. You could tell for sure late Wednesday night, when Ted Koppel, in an outfit borrowed from Dan Rather, showed up at Yasser Arafat's feet to give him all the personal care he'd been craving the last 34 days or so. Yasser proceeded to screech about this and that, after which Ted, in his soothing narcissistic manner, concluded, "All right, Mr. Chairman, you've been very gracious with your time." The camera continued to ogle Yasser, as he took a young Palestinian girl onto his lap and planted a filthy kiss on her cheek. Ted's an intrepid reporter, but there was no hint from him that maybe Yasser was simply recruiting another suicide bomber.

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