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From Iraq to Conason

Saddam holds on to his breaches. Does Josh Marshall deserve a Conason Prize? Plus more.


Re: Jed Babbin's The Whores of UNMOVIC:

I find it very frivolous that in an otherwise serious article discussing a possible war with Iraq. Mr. Babbin calls the president of the only superpower of the world Dubya. I find that very patronizing.
-- Michelle Abbott
Bay Village, OH

How can Saddam's denial be viewed as a material breach? If these U.N. dolts don't find anything, then we're at a dead end until Iraq uses any WMD. Unless, of course, we do have proof that he has WMD. Saddam has called our bluff. We'd damn sure better not be bluffing or we and all who said they have proof of such devices will look like idiots! No squints will be needed to see it, either.

Kindest regards,
-- Jim Stevens

Babbin's last sentence -- Saddam delenda est -- reminds all that it took Rome three years to extirpate Carthage.
-- Dennis J. Flanagan
Levittown, PA

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