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One last farewell. Time's passing. Armed pilots. Ray at play. An open letter to Ben Stein. The Worst Worst Generation. Plus more.


My first time voting was in the 1980 election; I was twenty years old. I proudly cast my vote for Ronald Reagan, and that vote is still fresh in my memory as if it was yesterday. I realized over the last four or five years how much President Reagan influenced my life in during his presidency and post-presidency. A song came to mind this week, that I will now always associate with President Reagan -- "The Old Man" sung by John McDermott. John McDermott is one of the Irish Tenors, along with Ronan Tynan, who sang at today's memorial service.

It's a moving song is about a man's father, but in many ways I suppose President Reagan was always like another father, or grandfather. The verse that stands out in my mind is:

I never will forget him
For he made me what I am
Though he may be gone
Memory lingers on
And I miss him
the Old Man.

I am a big fan of your site and magazine, and have enjoyed your commentary this past week on President Reagan.
-- Tom Fries
Dublin, Ohio

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