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All Hat and All Hate

MoveOn.org’s new swagger. Media shoots at Bush and sits on Kerry. Dems load up for another loss.

By 9.9.04

The new anti-Bush 527 "Texans for Truth" turns out to be nothing more than an extension of the larger 527 anti-Bush, George Soros- and organized labor-financed, MoveOn.org.

According to a DNC fundraiser, the Texas group approached the party for possible financing about a month ago, but was turned away. "We didn't have the money, and it would have looked terrible to do that anyway," says the fundraiser, who added that the party steered the group to MoveOn.org. So much for that ban on coordination.

MoveOn.org offered to give the Texas group free advertising, as well as assistance in fundraising, but according to a MoveOn.org coordinator with the AFL-CIO, the group actually funneled more than $75,000 of its own money into accounts controlled by the Texas organization.

As well, MoveOn.org media advisers assisted the group in putting together its website and the commercial that is now running in some swing states.

The Boston Globe claimed that when it published its story on Wednesday that essentially plowed old ground about President Bush's National Guard service, it was merely a coincidence that its sister publication, the New York Times, as well as CBS News and several anti-Bush groups, were mounting a mud-slinging campaign on the same topic on the same day.

That may be true.

But the facts remain that several news organizations continue to sit on stories that are more recent than the events of 1971, and would prove extremely damaging to the Kerry campaign.

"I don't know why they aren't running the stories," says an editor at one of the news organizations. "The stories are in the can and have been combed through by our lawyers. It's frustrating."

Back in late 2001 and early 2002, Democrats in the House and the Senate played political games with funding proposals for protecting the United States from terrorist attacks. They paid for their gamesmanship by losing seats in both houses in the mid-term elections.

Apparently, they haven't learned their lesson.

With both the House and the Senate considering funding for Homeland Security issues right now, Democrats in the Senate are attempting to use the funding requests to "Christmas Tree" all kinds of pork spending onto those critical budget proposals.

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