The Arrogance of Packer

Color man Billy Packer excites and incites -- and always misses the call.

By 3.7.07

Great moments in history as called by CBS Sports college basketball commentator Billy Packer. (Hear Packer blow the most obvious call of the year here.)

Boston, March 5, 1770

Packer: An angry mob of Bostonians is squaring off against a small band of soldiers, and it looks like things could get ugly. I mean, tempers are hot, people. The Bostonians are taunting the soldiers. You know, they remind me a little of a young Michael Jordan, the way he used to toy with his opponents, try to unnerve them. The Bostonians are doing the same thing. Their star center, Crispus Attucks, is really letting the redcoats have it. He's right in their faces. The mob is daring the soldiers to fire and is starting to hit at them with clubs and a sword. The redcoats have loaded their muskets and, oh!, they've fired into the crowd! Attucks is down! Several others are scattered on the ground around him. Now, you hate to see that, you really do. But you know, if you're going to taunt you have to expect to get a reaction. I mean, that mob had it coming. The officials ought to let that one go.

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