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Bush Much Greater

A hideous incident in Phoenix reminds us that as a defender of life, this president is right up there with Reagan.

By 5.4.07

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A little note on life and death in modern America and why George W. Bush is a much greater man than some think he is.

Last night I watched on CNN as news filtered in of a young mother in Arizona who had given birth in a gas station bathroom sink, then drowned her baby in that same sink -- then driven off to buy a high end car stereo nearby.

The commentators were hysterical. How could she do such a thing? How can anyone be so cruel and unfeeling and vicious? That's what the commentators were asking.

But wait a minute: How different is what this woman did from what millions of American women have done by aborting their babies, especially late in term when the babies could easily have lived with available care? What's the difference at all between what this woman in Phoenix did and what women who have partial birth abortions do when they enlist abortionists to murder perfectly viable babies OUTSIDE THE MOTHER'S BODY? But how many women stood up and screamed their lungs out when the Roberts Supreme Court per Kennedy, J., said that a state could have a legitimate interest in stopping such hideous practices? How many women said how awful the Bush appointees to the Supreme Court were for treading on a woman's right to kill?

Let's pity the poor innocent babies killed in gas station bathrooms and in abortion "clinics" (very much like the Jewish "clinics" at Treblinka). They're all innocent victims of monstrous evil. And let's pause in the universal damnation of President Bush to know that if he had not won in 2000 and 2004, murder of babies outside the womb by killers who just happen to have medical degrees would still be legal in every state. George Bush, defender of life. Yes, he has made some major mistakes in Iraq and we have to pray for him to have the wisdom to get us out of there in decent order. But as a defender of life, he's right up there with Reagan...and his appointees to the Court, along with Reagan's and Bush 41's, deserve heroes' praise.

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