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Liberty for Strangers: American Power and the Predicament of the Arabs

In these impatient times, and ignoring the impact that America's unprecedented involvement is having on politics in the region, even true Western liberals now unfortunately regard democratization in the Middle East as nothing but a fool's errand.

By 6.2.07

This essay is the seventh in a ten-part series being published in successive issues of The American Spectator under the general title, "The Pursuit of Liberty: Can the Ideals That Made America Great Provide a Model for the World?"

(Also in The American Spectator's Pursuit of Liberty series: Daniel Johnson's "The Storks Are Landing," Natan Sharansky and Rod Dermer's "The Case for Freedom," Michael Novak's "The Ebb and Flow of Global Liberty," and Victor Davis Hanson's "Armies for Democracy -- Past, Present, and Future." To read the first five essays in the series, please click here.)

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