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A culture of Obamaism can't identify threats.

By 1.7.10

The Founding Fathers set up a limited federal government. Statists have turned it into an unlimited one, eager to perform any and all superfluous tasks while neglecting core ones.

That security debacles, both large and small, increasingly define the Obama administration is to be expected given his frivolous and excessive view of the federal government. Perhaps Janet Napolitano spoke more truly than she realized when she said that the "system worked." The problem is not that the system failed; it's that a failed system is in place, and the Obama administration is too blinkered by PC and ACLU anxieties to change it.

The nation saw a no-profiling system "work" in the Fort Hood shooting and now sees it work in the attempted Detroit bombing. Neither required any tricky connecting of dots: Hasan self-identified himself as an Islamic terrorist to anyone who cared to listen; the Nigerian bomber's father delivered a warning about his son directly to the U.S. government.

Moreover, if the system is sound but just wasn't applied, why is Obama scrambling so furiously for ad hoc fixes to it? The carefully crafted picture of Obama presiding over Tuesday's amateur-hour brainstorming session with Napolitano and company is supposed to make him look grave and presidential, like he is discussing the Cuban Missile crisis. It makes him look ridiculous. This is an administration that has been outwitted by socialites and a Nigerian 23-year-old.

The left is steaming over Dick Cheney's observation that this administration can't identify threats due to ideological obtuseness, excavating a few presidential speeches in which "terrorists" are mentioned. But Cheney's comment holds up perfectly well. The Obama administration has evasively described Islamic terrorism as a "man-made disaster" while issuing ludicrous reports via Napolitano on the domestic terrorism threat posed by pro-lifers and disgruntled military veterans.

It is somehow fitting that a president who prides himself on saying he is "not at war" with Islam would find himself hopelessly flat-footed on a Hawaii vacation while an Islamic terrorist tries to blow up a plane over America on the day marking Christ's birth. And the obtuseness continues, with Obama, still more interested in self-vindication than security, calling Guantanamo Bay once again a "recruiting tool" for Islamic terrorists.

Obama's ACLU liberalism is the best recruiting tool for them. A president who saw the Fort Hood shooting as "incomprehensible" rather than obvious, who gives a jury trial to the 9/11 mastermind, who sees doctrinal Christianity as a greater threat to America than militant Islam, and who devotes more alarmist rhetoric to weather than war, is the best recruiting poster for the terrorists.

The culture that Obama's PC liberalism informs is chronically unserious, as evident in such small snapshots as the elite chattering class's simultaneous horror over the suggestion of increased profiling of foreign Islamic males from ages 20-40 and Brit Hume's suggestion that Tiger Woods convert to Christianity. Apparently profiling and Christian "proselytizing" are the real threats to America, if one were to judge by the tenor of cable chattering.

Ironically, the PC refusal to permit even the most rational and rudimentary profiling for some is pushing America towards violating the privacy of all. "Body scanners" are now necessary! CNN ran a headline, "Joan Rivers: A Security Threat?" which I thought was going to dovetail with its latest report on this new technology. But instead it teed up a tangled interview with Larry King, in which she unraveled a holiday tale of getting stopped at an airport not by an experimental body scanner but by a "moron" official in Costa Rica.

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George Neumayr, a contributing editor to The American Spectator, is co-author of No Higher Power: Obama's War on Religious Freedom.