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A Federal Offense

Trespassing and intimidation. Tarnishing Palin. Articulate minority politicians. J.D Salinger and more.


Re: William Tucker's Taxpayers, Meet Your New Tenants:

"'The silver lining,' Schumer told the crowd that gathered in front of Stuyvesant Town last Sunday, 'is that the two largest creditors are Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and we have some leverage over them.'"

With great huffing and puffing, Barney Frank might be able to re-fellate the housing bubble, and breathe some life into Freddie, if not Fannie.
-- Dan Martin

Re: Jeffrey Lord's CBS Double Standard: Network and Church Battle Over Ads:

The opinion piece by Mr. Lord included a link to a non-functioning UCC ad. While the UCC website only allowed me to view a small corner of the ad's visuals, I gathered that it showed gay couples being denied entrance to a church. Years ago (perhaps as part of the same ad campaign) the UCC ran an especially nasty ad depicting what was obviously the Roman Catholic Church turning away gays, elderly, and handicapped worshippers. It was sophomoric in its approach and grossly misrepresented the Catholic Church's practices. I can only assume that the ad to which Mr. Lord refers was turned down by the network because it didn't celebrate inclusiveness, but unfairly mocked and distorted the position of other churches. You can hardly compare that to the case of the FOF/Tebow ad, which reportedly celebrates a pro-life choice rather than castigates the women who have had abortions.

Perhaps the UCC should take a page from FOF. Changing hearts and minds is accomplished with a positive message.

Just a thought.
-- Mary Dudasik

Re: W. James Antle, III's Running the Table:

Republicans will capture the Senate and House in 2010 with comfortable majorities. Strategically it would be better for Democrats to retain control of Congress with slim majorities, but for our country's sake it is an imperative Republicans become the majority party again to restore sanity to national politics. Having nearly destroyed the nation I hope those who thought punishing Republicans in 2006 and 2008 and throwing away elections have learned the simple lesson -- ALL Democrats are bad for the country.

As for the so-called RINO (most who are comfortably Reagan Republicans) they are always better than liberal blue lapdogs like the vile misogynist Jim Webb, avaricious Mark Warner or the bizarre and creepy Jon Tester. They are also preferable to earmark hogs like Ron Paul whose appetite for Federal pork rivals Nancy Pelosi's predilection for fleecing the public for her family's benefit, Barney Frank's lust for criminal homosexual lovers or Alexi Giannoulias eagerness to finance mobsters and friends of Barack.
-- Michael Tomlinson
North Carolina

John R. Guardiano's Obama's Defense Budget:

President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, Senator Reid and their ilk are determined to have a socialist government in place within a generation. With a weak military they can have their dream; they never said the socialist government takeover had to be a domestic one.
-- I.M. Kessel

Re: Ben Stein's Free James O'Keefe:

I believe the incident was in Philadelphia, not Michigan. And the two men were New Black Panthers.
-- John Martin

For once, I disagree wholeheartedly with Ben Stein's column.

O'Keefe and his co-conspirators deserve a full investigation and prosecution under the legal limits for their crimes.
-- John Morton

Mr. Holder and his benefactor, Barack Obama, demonstrate once again that they are the true racists, and not those on the right on whom they trample. Just examine Mr. Obama's behavior and statements to the press following the arrest of the "pseudo-intellectual" in Boston. The white cop "acted stupidly," even though the supposed genius (this I seriously doubt as many fine speakers of yesteryear did NOT have high IQs.) had not heard the details. He and his ilk are quick to point out what they perceive as racial injustice and must figure that the Panthers' action was justified because of Selma.

Keep up the great reporting and we WILL read it.
-- Robert Mandraccia

I believe O'Keefe is a hero and we need a lot more people like him.
-- Sandra Lauriello

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.'s Liberal Unfairness vs. James O'Keefe:

I don't recall the media's being ready to hang David Kernell, that college student in Knoxville, TN whose father is a Democrat state representative, for hacking, stealing and publishing Sarah Palin's private e-mails.

His prosecution continues to move with typical glacial speed here in Knoxville.

I hope that he does significant jail time.
-- Chris Hall

Re: Peter Ferrara's Spending America Into Oblivion:

Thanks, Mr. Ferrara, as always for the truth.

May I add only that the formula for collapsing a capitalist economy has been consistent from Leon Trotsky to Cloward and Piven:

Overload the system + borrow and spend beyond stress levels = collapse of the system and the opening for a totalitarian economy.

Proto-dictator Obama may wink and joke about this program all he wants to, it remains true.

And he remains true to it.
-- A. C. Santore

Marxist and anti-capitalist Obama's smart-you-know-what response to Joe Hensarling revealed -- or just reaffirmed -- some things.

One, Obama hasn't a clue about bipartisanship or doesn't want it. I suspect the latter.

Two, Obama views Republicans and conservatives or anyone else who dares question him as his enemies.

Three, endless campaigning and power plays occupy Obama's mind, not governing.

Four, Obama's always playing his community organizer/agitator hand of pitting one group against another.

Five, Obama solidly occupies the position of Whiner-in-Chief and Victim-in-Chief.

Six, Obama and his thugs really do not want America to get out of the economic ditch in which we find ourselves. They really do seek to make America a Third World country.

Seven, Obama really does see himself as a dictator who has all the answers.

Let him and the "progressive" Democrats, liberals and leftists continue their arrogant march. It'll lead them to November's election and loss of the House and Senate -- and the first of a few consecutive elections that will drive the donkeys and their allies from power for a generation or so.
-- C. Kenna Amos Jr.

Re: Andrew B. Wilson's Humpty-Dumpty and King Barack:

What is he going to export, more of our jobs? Simple Simon met a pie man going to the fair in Copenhagen were he signed away our manufacturing business, for the sake of the environment, which the other countries will pollute.

Be Gone with Thee Clown of Chicago..
-- Charles Smith

Re: Daniel Oliver's Reloading:

Palin is indeed extraordinary. Yet, her PAC's mission statement espouses "conservative principles." Does Mrs. Palin define these as voting against tax cuts, allowing illegal aliens a pass, and sponsoring legislation subsequently found unconstitutional by the SCOTUS? Because the "honorable" John McCain signed off on each of the aforementioned policies.

Palin has challenged Obama to "listen to the people." Immediately after announcing she will campaign for the re-election of McCain her Facebook page was inundated with messages from irate people who support her and have donated to SarahPAC as well as to her legal defense fund. Does she not feel obligated to give these people at least an explanation?

Sarah Palin's armor is tarnished, and only she can burnish and restore it. Will she?
-- Jeff Anderson
Richmond, Virginia

Re: G. Tracy Mehan, III.'s Buttered Guns:

Either we get our financial act together or wind up as another UK.

That's the choice, there is no other, and time is running out.
-- Martin Owens

Re: Larry Thornberry's Rubio Outpolls Crist:

Keep the interesting and informative work up! I have quietly been campaigning for Rubio for several months even though I do not live in Florida. I hope the Grand Old Party doesn't commit political suicide and back Crist. Rubio is a possible contender for the next president. He has it all: The appeal for every "group", a conservative for the conservatives, a Cuban for the minorities, a handsome face for the dumbbells who only vote on looks, and a speaker and debater who could match Obama any day.
-- Linda Price

Re: Larry Thornberry's Calling All Adults:

I agree with Mr. Thornberry that J. D. Salinger is over-rated. After Catcher I read the other Big Three": (1) Raise High the Roofbeam, Carpenters and Seymour, an Introduction; (2) Nine Stories; and (3) Franny and Zooey, and found them to be the most boring, pointless works I had ever read. In the past year or so, forty years after my initial reading, I tried again, and couldn't get through any of them.

I know all about "De Gustibus Non Disputandem," but there is a limit!
-- James F. Csank

Re: Ben Stein's We've Figured Him Out:

Great article.
-- Jody Blessum

Thank you for this article. I hope zillions of folks read it. The American public needs this information from all kinds of sources; not just FOX News. Unless something is done, this man will ruin this country with his ideology. He has lots of help behind him all the way.

Also, thanks to you and your wife for being kind to animals. I saw you guys on I believe Animal Planet or one of those shows and you had about 3 rescue dogs, I think. More folks need to pay attention to the plight of the homeless pets as well.

Let's face it. The world is "screwed up."
-- Janie Huffman

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