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Painkillers and Palin

Problems with Palin. Reagan vs. Obama. Republicans and repeal and more.


Re: Quin Hillyer's The Problem With Palin:

It's always a pleasure to read Mr. Hillyer's columns, filled with insight and commanding respect and attention given his able research and rational analysis. His "The Problem With Palin" invites sequels on other political figures and, were I to do one on say, President Obama, it would contain a near infinite number of problems and be book length. A gifted journalist of Mr. Hillyer's caliber should research, analyze and opine while us readers need to absorb all rational opinion and make our own decisions, in the voting booth for instance. Faced with few options or choices unless one is a party apparatchik, we often find ourselves having to pick between 2 or 3 negatives. Even if one assumed all of Mr. Hillyer's commentary on Governor Palin to be accurate, and the presidential election were to be a contest today between Obama and Palin, I would "in a heartbeat" and without hesitation, vote for the governor......
-- A. Corey

Quin Hillyer replies:
I appreciate Mr. Corey's compliments, and entirely share his conclusion about voting for Ms. Palin in a heartbeat if the final choice were between her and Mr. Obama. Other letter writers seem, unfortunately, to miss the point that my piece was hardly a full-out attack against the admirable Ms. Palin, but an analysis of her strengths and weaknesses of the kind I do frequently in my columns. My article should indeed, however, be read as an implicit criticism of all political boosters who look at any questions about their favorites as if the critic is an utter apostate -- rather than as an opportunity for the political figure to take stock, to learn, and to improve. If we don't criticize ourselves constructively, our political adversaries will blind-side us with far harsher criticisms based on the same evidence, twisted around into ominous warnings, that are far more destructive to the conservative cause than any honest self-critiques ever could be.

Good points, Quin. And I too, am uncomfortable with Palin 2012 for the reasons you cite. But I believe, with just a little more seasoning, she could be ready much sooner than 2024. A little observation, though. Why did John McCain choose her as a running mate, and what does that say about HIS "experience"? Hmm, perhaps Palin has a point after all, "government experience doesn't necessarily count for much."?
-- Mike Showalter
Austin, Texas

I thought there was something curious in this month's TAS.

You have Quin's deconstruction of Sarah Palin juxtaposed to Tyrrell's new book excerpt where he points out that "conservatism" isn't so much an ideology, as much as a disposition.

Sarah represents that conservative disposition.

And why the ink spilled on comparing the Republican Vice Presidential candidate with no contrast to the Democrat's Presidential candidate? We (ostensibly, the Republican Party as a collective) were not putting
Sarah Palin up to run against Barack Obama.

Who, exactly, are you, Quin Hillyer?
-- Bill
New Jersey

Re: W. James Antle, III's Crying Hate, Suppressing Debate:

Anytime Bill Clinton furrows his brow, you can rest assured that he's about to lay another whopper on you. That's true whether it's about "protesters rudely demonstrating their ingratitude to benevolent old Uncle Sam," or "that woman," or "I didn't inhale," or anything else coming out of the man's mouth. My poker-playing acquaintances would shake their heads and call it a blatant "tell."
-- Rush Elkins
Huntsville, Alabama

Dear Ole Bill Clinton...yes, I recall this president, the draft dodger, the guy who chased Hillary..or did she chase him?

Bill is a "coward," although after all these years of learning how to prattle for cover, he still can con many into believing his dreamy pictures of what reality ought to be.

As with all narcissists, we must do their bidding, must follow their dreams, and must never question their decisions -- especially as it relates to what we need to do for them!

We citizens should spend more time reading about true and great leaders before the next election. I doubt such will occur, therefore, we will wait until after the smoke clears from the forthcoming calamity.

Many might pay with their lives for this delay. Our way of life will be greatly damaged too.

We gave away our trust. It is, in the end, our fault. This is supposed to be a representative government. Only we can return to such a truth.

Vote the bums out! Make this a clarion call for all to rally around.
-- R. Philips
Corrales, New Mexico

Re: Peter Ferrara's Take the Painkiller and Go Home:

WOW, where does one begin? First, your assertion that the government will kill granny is yet another one of those ridiculous statements. We can all find unusual situations and outliers in that debate but if you think that private insurance companies have our best interest at heart then that is ludicrous. You must think very poorly of your readers for this kind of argument.

About defense spending, our country spends more on defense than the ENTIRE WORLD COMBINED! Those cuts in the aircrafts and such were proposed by the Defense Dept. You know very well if the defense Department didn't like these cuts or thought they would endanger this country there would have been all sorts of leaks coming from them stating their objections. Reagan's nuke treaty is NO different from Obama's, it's a 1/3 reduction just like Reagan. Good way to rile the base....'Obama is making us less safe!'

And if the author worked for Reagan, he would remember that in Reagan's first term the job loses lasted about 18 months into his term, and he did cut taxes but had to raise them TWICE to offset the lost revenues. Taxes now are lower than when Reagan was President.

And to your argument that this president is taking the country towards socialism and communism, the American people elected him with a huge majority, there isn't ANYTHING that he has done that he didn't promise us. To say that he has somehow taken us on the wrong track, we knew what we where getting into....just like every President before him, once the jobs come back so will his poll numbers. Again, the fool that wrote this piece of cr*p article worked for a man that went through the same deal. Actually Reagan's poll numbers were just as bad.

Your calls of socialism and communism are intellectually dishonest and childish. If that's what you readers want, then we will never have agreement on any issue. Obama is NOT a socialist nor a communist, and to say that the Tea Party is some grass root organization is totally bunk! Yes there are some chapters that popped up on their own but without FOX, Freedom Works, etc, there would not be a "movement." 76 percent of Tea Partiers affiliate themselves with the Republican Party.....sounds grass root to me!

Do you think your readers know that Reagan gave amnesty to 3.5 million Hispanics? Hmmmm I'm sure you won't mention that one.
-- Gerald Frankowski

Re: Katherine Eastland's Staying Alive:

Thank you so very much for the article on staying alive in the Greek (or any) language, modeled by C.S. Lewis. Having studied at Oxford not long after his death, I was able to speak with Magdalen College persons who knew him and learn what a disciplined as well as kindly scholar Lewis was. (During WWII he was sent many food packages from charitable Americans and gave them all immediately to the staff.) Many have written of their tutorials with Lewis as he insisted upon precision in ideas and words. My Greek professors taught us to love the very shapes of the letters, leading us then to relish the exact meanings of the words in their multiple prefixes and endings. Both Lewis and Ms. Eastland remind us of the vitality as well as joy of language.
-- Rev. Dr. Jim Mahaffey
Arlington Virginia

Re: Joel J. Miller's Advice From the Original Tea Partiers:

I am glad that you finally got around, toward the end, to mentioning the Freemasons. Except the Craft was not, and is not, the equivalent of Facebook, just social networking. There is a philosophy inherent in the fraternity, dating back before the American Revolution, which influenced the struggle for independence.
-- Scott Thomson

Re: George Neumayr's From Woodstock to Civility Commissions:

Regarding civility: Note Stewart's bleeped-out use of the F-word to curse Fox News. Stewart and Colbert use the bleep so much that it has turned into what amounts to the use of the F-word itself. Bernie Goldberg has made the correct point on O'Reilly's show that Stewart lazily resorts to the use of bad language in confidence that his star-struck youthful liberal audience will laugh hysterically. Cheap...dots. The Stewart-Colbert knowing marijuana jokes are cheap pot. Their juvenile pubic jokes are cheap rot. The dots, pot, and rot contradict their posturing as good parents. At least Goldberg's admission of over-generalizing got a rare admission of a similar error by Stewart. Use of a Gospel choir in such a dispute had something unseemly about it -- even more so, since Goldberg and Stewart are Jewish. What ended the Smothers' Brothers show was mockery of Protestant sermons by David Steinberg, a Jew; racist mocking of black preachers had been allowed for Flip Wilson. It was as if black gospel religious revivals are not worthy of respect.
-- Richard
Dubuque, Iowa

Re: Geoffrey Norman's Who You Gonna Trust?:

Certainly cannot trust the Obamanation and his gang of liars and thieves..
-- John P. Grimes

Re: Philip Klein's How Romney Could Kill the ObamaCare Repeal Movement:

My family members have been supporters of Romney until we heard him defending the MA plan. NO WAY we would support him now. He continues to support it and evidently does not have the financial skills he has shown in the past.

Sec. of Treasury --yes. President--NO!
-- Wanda

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Romney supported what the great majority in Massachusetts wanted -- what an almost unanimous Massachusetts Legislator voted for. In fact, Romney vetoed several of the more costly provisions, only to be overridden by the Legislature.

Romney wants no part of a Federal health care system. He is for states rights. He has vowed to repeal this legislation if he is president.
-- Gerald F. Mucci

Re: Craig Evan Klafter's Sedition and the End of America's First Political Party:

What in God's name is wrong with referring to the Obama administration as a "regime"? I think you should ask your own contributor Angelo Codevilla to give you a little tutorial on the meaning of this word.
-- Michael

Was it not Al Gore who called for "regime change" in 2004 when Bush was running for re-election?
-- John L. Sorg

Re: W. James Antle, III.'s Republicans Against Repeal:

This paragraph is troubling and we are concerned that the Senator is not listening to his constituents:

Cornyn was later seen pouring cold water on the idea entirely. Asked by the AP whether he was going to advise Republican senatorial nominees to run on repeal, he said, "Candidates are going to test the winds in their own states... In some places, the health care bill is more popular than others." Meanwhile, Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee doesn't need a weatherman to tell him where the wind blows: "It's just not going to happen."

I recently shared this article with a few Tea Party groups in Texas and we were going to research this information before approaching Senator Cornyn.
-- Barbara

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