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Obama, resign. Israeli commandos and fake Christians. Airport security, emerging dictatorships, and more!


Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.'s Provincial Times:

Much as I respect RET, I cannot agree with his notion that a bad newspaper is better than none. That is the same as saying that disinformation is better than no information, isn't it? Why don't we just say that it's better to preserve a child-molesting priesthood than to have none at all? Or better to have felonious politicians, than none?

The NYT has shown itself to be not only hopelessly ideological, but dishonest and unethical. It has hired plagiarists and liars for writers, consistently hidden and/or distorted the truth to its readers, and otherwise behaved very badly. To wish for its continued survival is illogical. When the day comes, it will be a gleeful good riddance to bad garbage.

There are honest newspapers out there, and some of them will survive. That is enough.
-- David Reich
Auburn New York

Re: Aaron Goldstein's Tina Fey Isn't Funny:

Hey, well written article and I agree Tina Fey is not funny.

Your slap at Marv Throneberry hurt a lot…he was a good man. He picked up the "Marvelous" at his end of his baseball career. Marv earned more money doing beer commercials than playing baseball. He and his two brothers were outstanding athletes. Brothers Faye and Walter Throneberry also played professional baseball. Faye and Walter coached me in little league baseball and in the third grade; I was in love with Marv's oldest daughter.

Marv's grandson is a successful movie producer.

So, lay off Marv!! Lol...J
-- Ed Shelton, Jr.

Re: Quin Hillyer's Israel, Right and Long:

In the second paragraph the claim is made that Christians persecuted Jews. You should say "so-called" Christians persecuted Jews. Real Christians did not persecute Jews. All the original Christians were Jews. The Muslim "holy" book says to persecute Jews. The Christian holy book was written by Jews and nowhere does it command to persecute Jews and in fact commands against it. Real Christians live by the Book. By definition, if they persecute Jews they are not Christian.
-- Justin

Re: Peter Ferrara's The Coming Resignation of Barack Obama:

I would be happy for Obama to resign from the Presidency. I would be happy for him to resign his "citizenship," however, that leaves us with Joe Biden. This is an improvement?
-- Leslie Hart

We can only hope this rings true!
-- Rich

What a delightful prospect, Mr. Ferrara. I have a question, though. What do you think will happen to black support for the Democratic Party if the Democrats indeed push Mr. Obama into resignation?
-- Mike Showalter
Austin, Texas

It would take an honorable and humble man to resign. That excluded Barack Hussein Obama.
-- C. Kenna Amos, Jr. 

Re: Jeffrey Lord's Romanoff Cracks: Secret White House Jobsgate E-Mail Revealed and Sestak: Brother Collaborating With White House:

Sestak can easily tell the whole story and he ought to do so. This Admiral ought to think of his country first instead of cooperating with the White House to obscure this job offer scandal in order to advance his own political career -- I'd sure as hell not want a son of mine to be under the command of an Admiral Sestak -- even better would be "Old Yellow Stain" Captain Queeg.

Remember Navy people are taught and believe to protect: 1. Your ship, 2. You shipmates, 3. Yourself. In that order of concern. Where is Sestak?
-- Alan

It's about time that the Obama Chicago-style of presidential "leadership" be exposed. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.
-- Michael A. Collins

Re: Eric Peters's 70 Is All You Get to Go:

This reminds me of a similar revenue gimmick employed by the Dinkins administration in NYC. Sanitation police would wait until school let out, then follow groups of kids and watch as they littered, then ticket any business that happened to own the stretch of sidewalk where the litter fell for not keeping their sidewalk clean. Some of the most egregious citations were given to shopkeepers as they were sweeping their storefronts. Dinkins' subsequent failure to secure a second term ended this particular scam (among many others), but the impetus to use law enforcement as a means of taxation invariably leads to abuses.
-- Mike

Re: The Prowler's Joe to Joe:

Reading one of the secondary pieces of today's Washington Prowler, I find the phrase "who spent time in the Bush White House" a good bit of bio to know, but not exactly endearing to someone who poured money down the ratholes that were the McCain and 2008 Congressional campaigns.

...and where was Joe?
-- Reid Bogie

Re: George H. Wittman's The King and Us:

This article was a good wrap-up of what I see as a direct threat to American interests -- Thailand's Burmese-style trends toward permanently repressive governance.
-- Frank G. Anderson
American Citizens Abroad Representative, Thailand

Re: Ben Stein's Oil of Today:

Will America be the horse that dies of thirst at the watering hole because, for whatever rational or irrational reasons, we have restricted exploration and production in 85 percent of our territorial waters for almost three decades -- and, now, with no foreseeable and sensible end to Obama's reinstituted moratorium?
-- C. Kenna Amos Jr.

Re: Iain Murray's Cut Those Airport Lines. And Catch Terrorists:

An additional cost of airport lines is that the lines themselves create a perfect target for suicide terrorists; by definition these lines are outside the secure zone.
-- Trevor Nysetvold

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