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Expelling Helen Thomas

Helen Thomas. The perfect game. Obama's arrogance. American Jews and Israel.


Re: Ben Stein's Leave Fred Malek Alone:

"Now, of course, the only ethnic thinking allowed is to hold Israel to an impossible standard of assisted suicide."

The whole article was needed but would have been justified if only to state the foregoing!
-- Nancy Beutel

Re: Thirsty McWormwood's Helen The Hack and R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.'s Heck of a Ride:

The good news is that now that she is no longer going to sit in on White House press conferences, Ms. Thomas can go back to her previous career as a gargoyle at the National Cathedral.
-- Mike

Helen got her comeuppance not so much from using HELL in her bad-mouthing of Israel as her animosity toward the Jews but wishing them back to the countries where Himmler's ovens were -- she wants them to disappear from the earth in her venomous remarks!
-- Lee Kenaga

Re: Andrew Cline's Perfect Sportsmanship:

Or perhaps they're both delusional.

I, too, appreciated that moment in professional athletics. But not for the reasons cited in your column. Instead, because MLB has not instituted a system that allows the reversal of "mistakes" like Jim Joyces's.

No, I watched the replay numerous times -- a courtesy Joyce did not have before he made the call. And I don't have a horse in the race -- I'm a Brewers, and National League, fan. But it seemed clear to me that the issue was not that Galarraga beat the runner to the bag. The problem was that the guy who had his own perfect game in his hands snow-coned the ball in his glove, and never seemed to have control until after the runner crossed the bag.

Personally, I think the upshot of this whole situation is the relief that MLB has not seen fit to extend instant replay from "boundary" calls -- foul pole and clear-the-fence decisions on home runs -- to the rest of the game. If/when they do, they will lose a lot of people like myself, who attend between five and 15 games a year and watch 100 or so more on TV. They will have forfeited a public trust if they do so ...
-- Scott Thomson

Re: Aaron Goldstein's Obam-La-Di, Obam-La-Da:

True, the remarks by Sir Paul were callous, malicious and meant to evoke a reaction; maybe he wanted kudos from the current occupant who has yet to reveal ANY grades or ANY papers he wrote, or articles he reviewed for Law Review, or even if he ever had to take a course at all. Harvard, after all, has a bit of a rep in taking the disadvantaged over the qualified, and, lets' face it, that exposure can make thespians of most.
-- R. Mandraccia

Re: Peter Ferrara's The Coming Resignation of Barack Obama:

You are underestimating Obama's arrogance. Would Hitler or Saddam resign? Good article with key points but you are thinking too clearly. The masses are sheep and dumb. The liberal media tell the masses what to think and that's how it works... As frustrating as that may be, it is what it is.

Now go on vacation and take care of your family because you can only control so much in life. This country is done as we know it. It's a progressive mentality that begins with this guilt that all people should be treated equally. While that sounds wonderful, it is impossible. People come in all different shapes and sizes. All different levels of intelligence. Yet, we get this equal and fairness shoved down our throats. I'm sorry if you were born dumb, you work in the mines. I'm sorry you are fat and ugly, you work at the circus. The progressives think it is unfair how poor the world is. They think being from a Country with borders is closed minded and old fashioned.

They have no idea about history and it is very scary. I'll end with my favorite metaphor. Life is just like the game we played as children. Hot Potato. The game is very fun until the potato blows up on you. Will it blow up on Obama, and our present time? Most likely not. That would be too good to be true...

Nice article...
-- John

I wish I could agree with you concerning this article, but I believe that Barack Obama is too arrogant to decide not to run again. Also, the people surrounding him are equally as arrogant. I think we have to remember that he is a Saul Alinsky student, as are many of those in his administration. I can only pray that you are right.
-- Ruth Mallek

Re: Peter Ferrara's Barack Obama's Total Eclipse for America:

Barack Obama and his Marxist gaggle and their allies may disfigure America, because they never have and will never identify with allegiance to her and the hope of freedom of thought, action and religion she represents.

But I will not agree with your pessimism that it's becoming doubtful that these thugs can be stopped. That's exactly the demoralization morally anchorless Obama and his kind count on.

I'd like to think -- I hope -- that people who really are Americans first will stand up for her and love her more than party or race or ancestry.

We are at that juncture. Will the stance be at the ballot box or elsewhere? We really don't have any time left to act.
-- C. Kenna Amos Jr.

Re: Quin Hillyer's Israel, Right and Long:

I'm sure that, if Iran, and/or Hezbollah and Hamas, and/or Syria succeed in attacking and devastating Israel, Obama will issue a statement "deploring" their action and pledging "eternal support" for Israel.
And, I'm sure that the American Jews who voted for an anti-Israel president who helped to degrade the Israeli defensive posture will thank Obama profusely for his speech and will rationalize his actions. Israel's biggest problem is not Iran, it is the American Jews who seek to demonstrate their even-handedness as global citizens by failing to support Israel's struggle for survival in a hostile world. American Jews need to wake up and understand that "evenhandedness as global citizens" will not change their status as infidels, and that they will be next on the list after Israel.
-- Syd

Re: Quin Hillyer's Profane Losers:

I recently purchased a copy of the Nation just to see what was in the liberal world. After a few articles I started to think I was being held in an insane asylum against my will. I threw the magazine away and now only have re-occurring nightmares, over time with less frequency.
-- Bobothree
San Francisco Bay Area

Re: Ben Stein's Expelled From the New York Times:

Ben Stein is now a household name among Christians here in Australia. I had never even heard of him before the movie Expelled. Even the adult students in my Worldview course knew who he was when the discussion came up about the Leftist-Humanist-Atheist-Darwinian "inquisition" that's in full swing in the US and elsewhere. As someone who has actively and publicly supported Israel for over 30 years, and includes Jews and Israelis among my closest friends, I commend Ben for his stand for academic freedom and truth. In fact, part of my course includes a segment on the amazing impact of the Jews on history, Jesus included. Ben, I wish you well. If we ever meet I will deem it a great honor.
--John Heininger

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