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Fake Diversity

Diverse New Yorkers. Suing Charlie Crist. Russian Spies, a dissenting General, and more!


Re: George Neumayr's The Banality of Elena:

For a liberal world fanatic about "diversity," how in the hell can they not see their hypocrisy in supporting three women from New York for the Supreme Court?
-- William W. Watson
St. Joseph, Louisiana

Clearly she is qualified under the rigorous test of legal positivism: (1) she does not recognize the natural law; (2) she does not recognize that Americans have any God-given rights, such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness because all our rights are derivative solely from Congressional fiat; and (3) she does not recognize any limit to Congressional or Executive power under the ever expanding Commerce Clause. She will be Obama's clone on the U.S. Supreme Court long after Justices Scalia and Thomas have retired. God help our children and grandchildren.
-- Philip Cronin

Re: Larry Thornberry's Charlie Crist Sued:

This whole mess was brought to Floridians by national Republicans' meddling, aided and abetted by a high-handed state party run by a Crist lackey, Jim Greer, now under indictment for nefarious schemes to enrich himself. One of the most telling lines in Mr. Thornberry's update is "He promised time and time again that he would run as a Republican, and Republicans contributed to him on the understanding that he would run as a Republican," by RPOF mouthpiece Katie Betta. In 30 years of political odds making I can't recall such a confession of political ineptitude and am left unsure which is more astounding -- that they would proceed with the plan to short circuit a primary on this basis or that she would admit it now. It's pretty damning evidence that they knew from the outset he was so unreliable as to have to be asked to openly declare he would not be a traitor and how oblivious they were to the changing political climate. But rather than see this as a dire warning sign and confirmation that perhaps a stand-up primary was the way to go, like it or not, they acquiesced in the attempt to squelch it and run a candidate they couldn't even count a reliable Republican let alone one in tune with a riled electorate.

The RPOF brought this mess on itself with a too-clever-by-half deal with the devil by going along with Crist's effort to deny Florida rank and file Republicans a real choice in a real primary fight. They were not only out-of-touch with the temper of Florida Republicans but completely out of step with momentous times. The Crist fiasco is Exhibit A why real conservatives, tea partiers, et al need to keep a very skeptical eye on establishment Republicans in this astonishing season for their arrogance is surpassed only by their bumbling. It is not yet clear at all that they really get it and one more sad proof they ain't called the Stupid Party for nothing.
-- Mark Shepler
Jupiter, Florida

Charlie Crist, like the phoenix, continues to rise from the ashes, with help from statewide Republicans and at local levels. Local politicians, some of them Democrats, have recently been quoted in the News-Press, our local paper, as "being right where he needs to be, in the middle." One wonders what promises Charlie gave them or whether they still love him after he failed to show for his own fundraiser last week, ostensibly to "view the oil spill". Probably a much better photo op!!
-- R. Mandraccia

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.'s Conrad Black's Victory:

Thank you very much for the update on Mr. Black. I am pleased to know that he remains confident in his eventual vindication and retains faith in the American Constitution. I have read his wonderful book on Richard Nixon and am currently reading his excellent book on FDR. Please relay to him that he has many fans and supporters and we wish him well.
-- David Harperhey

Re: Eric Peters's Cars That Died:

Eric Peters is obviously misinformed in his article "Cars That Died." First of all, ALL Saturn's are dead, not just the Sky. All Pontiacs are dead, not just the Vibe. SAAB is alive and well releasing 4 new models in the next 2 years. Mercury is ALIVE and selling new Milan's and Milan hybrids. There is not really any truth to the entire article and Eric Peters is an embarrassment to your publication!!
-- Mike

Re: Tom Bethell's Barque of St. Peter in Troubled Waters:

The issue is not celibacy, but abuse of children. These misfits were not having relationships with women which would not be the degree of sin that abuse of childen is. As a claimant's representative, I have dealt with adults who endured sexual abuse by adults when they were children. These individuals suffer unbearable inner turmoil and continue to fear their abuser will repeat the behavior. Let's call these guys what they really are -- pedophiles.

Napoleon and the Apostle John were both banished to desert islands. An uninhabited island in the Pacific should be used for banishment of pedophiles, and let them live off the land as our ancestors did. Since pedophiles do not procreate, they will have no innocents to abuse. Pedophilia is a malady that is never cured so total isolation away from children is the only way to protect the least of them.
-- Tommy

Re: George H. Wittman's Summit Backstage:

My question is: why did the Russians bother fielding spies and agents at all??

To gather information? To influence US policy in pro-Russian paths?

The entire East Coast establishment, MSM, NYT, DNC and points left, and has been working might and main to expose every US secret and thwart every US interest for decades. And now the White House is controlled by today's version of the Viet Cong.

What was left for these Russian operatives to do, exactly?
-- Martin Owens

Re: Stephanie Guttman's McChrystal's Secret Rebellion:

Stephanie Gutmann asks:

"Why would a West Point and Kennedy School of Government graduate who runs eight miles a day, sleeps four hours and is smart as a whip ever do something so dumb as to talk to a Rolling Stone reporter?"

President Obama is a busy man. With all the crises that the President has managed from day one, he rarely had time to spare for the commander of NATO and US Forces in Afghanistan.

Perhaps McChrystal's subordinates thought that if they succeeded in getting the President's attention, his chief of staff would make time for the General on the busy White House schedule.
-- Dan Martin

This is so stupid in its thinking. Can you recall how most Americans were glued to the family television sets watching our airplanes drop those "smart" bombs during Desert Storm?

Was that not the beginning of a thought process where we could "surgically" kill the enemy, leaving the "innocent civilians" free to rebuild?

Warriors were to be transformed into "cops" using pinpoint force against those "bad guys" we found.

Of course here at home, on American soil, most local police departments, in their recruiting televison advertisements, highlight their SWAT teams ... cops who dress and behave like military people advancing on the enemy.

White is black and black is white! Cognitive dissonance is in play, methinks.
-- RJ
New Mexico

Re: Ben Stein's Overreactions to Disaster:

Ben Stein reminds us of the awful truth: the death of one duck is a tragedy, the death of millions of ducks is a statistic. And we like ducks.
-- David

Re: Daniel Oliver's Barack Obama's Square Box:

There are people who NEVER CARED about politics going to tea parties -- THEY GOT A CLUE YET?
-- Leslie

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