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Montana proposes to teach children from first grade on about sex and homosexuality.

By 7.19.10

Montana has made headlines lately, not with grizzly depredations, wolf restoration, but rather with sex.

Not just the usual activity confined to teens and adults, but with a proposed grade school education program in the state capital of Helena which would start with Grade One examination of gay relationships and go from there. Outraged parents, figuring their last refuge is being invaded in the area of knowledge transport, are making their dismay known in no uncertain terms.

It seems we are returned to the days of banana instruction that once was thought banished in the lower grades of far Western modernism. But even in a conservative region such as Montana it appears there lurks a desire to tell all. One theory holds that knowing all will prevent mistakes.

Children who might be learning the intricacies of the automatic and semi-automatic rifle will, according to advocates of young sex, understand instead the workings of high-powered relationships.

Who can sensibly argue that it is a parental duty -- nay, privilege -- to impart such knowledge to offspring. But, who can deny these parental obligations have been for the most part ignored?

A counter argument to those who stand aghast at school meetings is simple: do it yourself. Make certain that the knowledge you would forbid from the classroom is imparted at the dinner table -- and to the degree that makes you comfortable.

Something good may come from this howling argument in Helena. That something is careful knowledge.

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Reid Collins is a former CBS and CNN news correspondent.