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Re: Angelo M. Codevilla's America's Ruling Class -- And the Perils of Revolution:

Wow. That was an amazing, well thought out, articulate and persuasive manuscript. Please forward my thanks to Dr. Codevilla.
-- Martin Hanus

Best article I have ever read regarding this matter. It truly put its arms around several issues that I have been attempting to formalize in my mind for the past several years. Have forwarded to several friends who share similar thoughts and concerns.
-- Dave
Brunswick, Ohio

Absolutely brilliant! Mr. Codevilla has accomplished what no other writer has been able to achieve. By providing the historical context of the growth of governmental power and abuse, he has clearly and succinctly defined the debate for the soul of America. The only question that remains -- Are we up to the task of reclaiming our Constitutional Republic?
-- Bill Riggs, Sr.
Charleston, South Carolina

Mr. Codevilla's article struck such a strong feeling with me that it's hard to articulate. His writing could not be clearer nor more in tune with my observations over the past years (I'm a citizen and 68 years old and well-read). This appears to be a modern Declaration of Independence and I will reread it many times and recommend it to anyone I can. Please keep publishing essays such as this!
-- Richard Pytlak

I just finished reading "America's Ruling Class" by Angelo Codevilla and I was blown away. As a dreaded leftist of the libertarian / anarchist variety, I have say that I agreed with about 90% of the article. Codevilla provided particularly useful denunciations of the way in which the establishment grows in power by conformity, of the corruption of the unions, of the top-down Democrats and provides a great path forward -- responsibility and increased political action through decentralization. A main thought, however, that goes unquestioned is how a decentralized body deal with large multinational corporations. The Progressives, for all their many flaws, did improve workers relations with capital in regards to child labor, work-place safety and time spent at work and I find it hard to believe that any, much less the two-thirds of the "country class," would advocate a return to worker-capital relations as they were in the 1800s. The same could be true for race relations from the Civil Rights era, although since those rights have been won perhaps decentralization would take the edge out of the issue as it exists today. With that said, this was otherwise a truly terrific article and I hope that the Spectator continues to promote this brand of fair yet radical conservatism. However my appreciation for Adorno (and Marx!), fear of the authoritarianism associated with conservatism, non-Christianize, and darker skin color (and not wanting it to become lighter) will, for the time being, keep me from subscribing.
-- Matthew Stokeley

This article is the best read since the Bible, U.S. Constitution and Atlas Shrugged.

For 60 years, I've not missed voting in an election. Since Goldwater and Regan, I've have had to hold my nose and vote for Republican candidates and hope they aren't a second Lindsey Graham, et al.

My epiphany is that no incumbent politician gets my vote in November.
Fran Schroder
Folsom, California

Will another revolution be the answer or will GOD take care of things in his own time? Your article was brilliant! Keep up the good work on seeing things as they truly are.

God Bless you!
-- Marsha Miller

Rarely have I read a more 'spot on' piece that describes the political climate and trend in this country. Absolutely riveting account of what is happening today in America.
-- S.C. Salter

Nail on head; out of ballpark.
-- Jay Talley

I commend The American Spectator for publishing Angelo M. Codevilla’s "America’s Ruling Class And the Perils of Revolution." The power of this very timely article is undeniable, and in my opinion it ranks with Thomas Paine’s Common Sense as a clarion call to all patriots. I’m forwarding the article to all my friends, urging them to follow suit. Codevilla’s words must be disseminated as widely possible, and if they are perhaps we’ll be able to avoid the bloodshed and destruction that came after the appearance of Paine’s book. I pray that is so.

I’d appreciate it if you would forward my congratulations to Mr. Codevilla, along with my sincere gratitude.
J. Michael Pearson

I don't know why I have never heard of Anglo Codevilla, but wow….I will be looking for more of his articles. He nailed this one.
Ian Bailey

This article is the most concise article I have read on how our country has gotten to where we are without the hyperbole of a partisan vitriol. I appreciate your work.
-- Sterling

I just wanted to say, regarding the July/August issue, in Navy terms (ask any prior Navy person on your staff) "Bravo Zulu!" So far have only read the Codevilla piece. It is excellent. Have just started on the Republican "pre-election symposium" which is well done and well-timed. Republicans (and I count myself one) have got to wake up and get "back to message," that is, our principles, and again become a party of principle. 

I'm glad I subscribed!
-- Gene Wisdom
Brentwood, Tennessee

Pure, uncut lies and falsehoods: Utter nonsense from a dictatorial right wing POV.
-- Brian Heffron

One type of revolution is a constitutional convention originated and controlled by the states. The purpose of the convention would be to limit federal power in several ways. First -- a limit on congressional income of all forms. Limit their income to the median income of non governmental employees in their congressional district. Second - all states to opt out of all federal laws not explicitly allowed by the constitution and the federal taxes that their residents pay can be reduced by the amount that supports the federal program.

Money is control -- reduce the money in Washington and you will remove their power.
-- Jerry Potter, Professor Emeritus
Kent State University

Fantastic Article!

It makes perfect sense to me and explains what I couldn't see. Maybe now, we will have a better view how to stop the spreading cancer.

It definitely will be difficult.

-- Don Roberts
Dallas, Texas

Kudos to Mr. Angelo M. Codevilla for his feature on the Ruling Class. I am eternally grateful for his insightful, calm voice of reason in a sea of media insanity, and it gives me hope this may all be changed someday (however fragile).

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Laurie Wadsworth

As Ambrose Bierce noted, "Education is that which discloses to the wise and disguises from the foolish their lack of understanding." On that basis, I use the phrase "criminally mediocre class" in referring to the broader spectrum of those who take the positions Professor Codevilla describes. That phrase, I think, encompasses both "The Ruling Class" and its hacks and hangers-on: the inhabitants of the arts and entertainment business and organizations such as the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). The NCTE makes policy, of course, but its members are not after power or wealth. They are satisfied with the scraps thrown outside the gates. In 1988, I presented a paper to their Canadian counterpart, the CCTE, on the merits of teaching English grammar -- which act nearly got me stoned to death on the spot as a heretic. I remain a proud heretic and applaud Professor Codevilla for his truly incisive article.
-- C. Edward Collins
Sarnia, Ontario

Dr. Codevilla's article "America's Ruling Class -- And the Perils of Revolution" is one of the most brilliant pieces I have read in the past ten years. It crystallizes random thoughts I have been having myself of late into a well-reasoned and coherent whole. It's quite easy in the current political environment to trap oneself into thinking in terms of Democrats vs. Republicans, liberals/progressives vs. conservatives, or the like. Dr. Codevilla hits on the clearest explanation for the arising of the Tea Parties: the "country class" (CC) has become as mad as hell at the "ruling class" (RC), and it will not take it anymore! This explains why the tea partiers are willing to lash out at both Democrats and Republicans; both, for the most part, are more interested in furthering the self-interest of the RC than in doing the will of the CC.

Dr. Codevilla is also quite insightful in his cynicism regarding the ability of the CC to undo the wrongs perpetrated upon it by the RC. I hope and pray that wisdom prevails, and the CC is able to retake control of the nation and govern it effectively. Only then will the Byzantine labyrinth that the RC has constructed begin to be unraveled and freedom return to the nation's citizens.
-- Tim Luker
Green Bay. Wisconsin

That was fantastic!! I have shared this with my friends and family.
Greg LaBaw
Shelton, Connecticut

I thank the professor for speaking for the disenfranchised. I am assuming the author is also in his seventies so we have seen the same world. Many years ago Bob Dole spoke to the issue when he said, "Republicans want what Democrats want at 80% of the cost." I don’t want what Democrats want at 1% of the cost but where could I go and have my voice heard? I have begun asking those with political aspirations if they are statists or non-statists? Some avoid the question others deny they are statists. At a recent Hillsdale College event, I had an opportunity to speak to Karl Rove. I asked him if he supported the Tea Party and he said yes. I asked how that could be given that he worked for someone who is a statist. He denied Bush is a statist and said to check page 414 of his book. It is interesting that he immediately knew where to send me. I checked the page and found that nothing was Bush’s fault, rather it was the Republican Congress who were to blame. 

I have decided that the world is not Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, but it is statist and non-statist. Republican leaders expect a sea change this fall. When asked what this means, they say getting Republicans is the answer. I beg to differ. As we have seen, journalists like Bill Kristol, and leaders like Newt Gingrich have decided that the government is the answer and they only support the Ruling Class. They demean those outside the Ruling Class and expect all of us to fall in line and support them. I have been holding my nose and voting for many years, but have decided, if it makes no difference, why vote?
-- Jerry Karney
Former Mayor Moraga, California
East Wenatchee, Washington

One word -- PERFECT.
-- Trent Johnson

This may possibly be the most important and relevant document since Atlas Shrugged, and just as difficult to disseminate, especially in today's fast-paced, instant-gratification society. I have recommended the article to several of my friends and colleagues and, so far, only one has even started to read it (he got through 20% in one night).

Those of us who are vitally concerned with the state of affairs today will undoubtedly read (and re-read) it; however, the vast majority of those who should read it will not, due to imposing length.

It is possible for Mr. Codevilla to produce a condensed version, suitable for emailing, which would be more likely to be read and forwarded, perhaps with a link to the full article?

Lacking that, could I get the proper permissions to produce my own condensed version through extracts (with attribution, of course) to distribute?

Thank you,
Keith Wease

Please, please, please keep publishing this and others that tell the truth. Repeat them often, send to other newspapers, not Arizona Republic

Thank you Thank you Thank you
David R. Johns

What a fantastic article! Many thanks to the author for helping me understand why the ruling class behaves as it does.
-- Mark R. Adams
Troy, Michigan

Would you kindly tell Professor Codevilla that 'we' do not use the term 'political class' or 'ruling class' as he so explained in his essay "America's Ruling Class." What he defined is known as a 'Politicrat'. Also, this twenty-two page essay is a serious waste of time! Please, tell us what we don't know.

Thank you,
-- Cynthia Hansen

The best thing I ever read. Should be required as a prerequisite for graduation from high school.
-- Joe Bissin

Mr. Codevilla's article was absolutely brilliant. However, many of my conservative friends live extremely busy lives, with work, children, church, etc. While they would be inclined to read the article, I doubt it only because they rarely have time to read anything, even their e-mails.

Respectfully, I think this important article would get more attention (and perhaps more readers) if there was a 1 pager that laid out the essence of the article. It could also include a teaser(s) for folks to read the base article and include a web link .

Thanks again for an excellent article.
-- Bill Taylor, LTC (USA-Retired)

Put more succinctly:

-- Doug Hensler

The article was terrific...

I have one question though:

Nothing was mentioned about our immigration policies, legal and illegal now in place and what role they play if any?

Thanks for your work.
-- George Fuller

Thank you for this brilliant treatise. I will make sure as many people read this as I possibly can.
-- Dave Jochum
San Anselmo, California

This is the best piece explaining the current state of the State that I have ever read. I have forwarded it to all of my friends and to a few who are not. I look forward to hearing more from the author.
-- Lloyd Hendrix, lifetime member of the Country Party

An amazing and insightful article.

I'm a small business owner in California and one of my partners put it best. What is the fun of doing business and being successful if there are too many roadblocks of taxes and regulations that will cause more health concerns than company Christmas parties.

It's a very sad and distressful state right now in America. I’m a libertarian (former Republican converted rightly cause of George Bush) and I'm starting to feel the negative energy coming from this administrations that is effecting the everyday joys of my own personal life. I'm tired of being so angry but I can't run away from the realities.

Hopefully your article will spread like a windows virus and open up people's eyes.

-- G.O. Burton

Awesome piece, I heard this from Rush Limbaugh today, keep up the good work.
-- Nghi Nguyen

Perhaps Rush's best-ever program…
-- Michael Leo

Codevilla's "Ruling Class" essay is nothing short of brilliant and exactly on target. Thank you for publishing this timely and relevant piece. I hope it is widely circulated to get the attention it deserves.

Keep up the good work with your fine website.
-- Katherine Poehlmann, PhD
Torrance, California

Wow…..great article. Really crystallizes what we all see happening. We need to stop this freight train.
-- Scott Denhof

I don't know where to begin or how to express my complete awe of the essay written by Angelo Codevilla. Accurate and thorough in addressing the multitude issues symptomatic of our national decline, I sit here stunned at his clarity as he addresses, the issues I have been wanting to scream out from the rooftops. We are in grave danger and our options are rapidly running out.
-- Dick Curtis 

Great piece on ruling class.
-- Dr. Don Beck

This article is the BEST I have read! Angelo M. Codevilla, should be given the Nobel Peace Prize, for this subject matter has been sitting out there for so long, but never brought to light in such a clear fashion as it was written!
-- Forrest W. Shafford
South West Georgia

Bet Mr. Codevilla doesn't get invited to many BU cocktail parties.
James J. Axon

The author incorrectly states that the Soviet Union did not arrest people who wore crosses or read the Bible on school property. It depends on which year is the subject of discussion. The topic is a large one, but driving home a contemporary American politics point by an incomplete generalization about another country's history only serves to mislead readers.
-- Zoe Pierson
West Warwick, Rhode Island

"The Ruling Class" is the most thoughtful and lucid article I have read in my almost 52 years! It summarized all that I have come to believe about American politics and taught me things that I will forever hold to.

I have long believed that journalism is dead. Thank you for publishing a true journalistic masterpiece. 

I am emailing this article to everyone I know. Keep up the great work.
-- Jeff Roberts

Please extend my heartfelt and earnest thanks to Professor Codevilla for penning this.
-- D. Church

Thank you, this is by far the best article I have read.

What a wonderful, well-articulated and profound article !!! Please give up more of this writer!
Mary Jane Washnock
Valdosta, Georgia

Thanks for your great insights and the 'grace' for your insightful way of attempting a solution. God Bless,
-- Richard Gesswein

Thank you, wonderful article.
-- Joan Heaney

-- Brian G. Hoffman

-- Lola Ball

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