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Excuses, Excuses

How liberals explain the president's waning popularity.

By 10.11.10

As President Obama stumps, implores, and threatens in an effort to "buck up" his increasingly apathetic base, the liberal commentariat and other allies helpfully offer creative excuses for his waning popularity. Time magazine's Mark Halperin explains that the President "has lost control of his narrative"; and to Chris Matthews Obama "is just too eager to respond…losing his ability to make compelling communication." Ah Ha! So it's a communication problem! No, wait. There is also the emotion theory -- Obama is "too professorial" and has not shown enough feeling. Governors Ed Rendell and Bill Richardson proffer that the Democrats have a "complex" message to communicate and therefore need to "connect with voters emotionally" and "stop talking about bills in Congress."

Clinton's former press secretary Dee Dee Myers agrees that the President needs to get "back in touch" with the voters but adds that he has insufficiently "bragged about his achievements." Former New York Mayor Ed Koch would agree with Dee Dee, suggesting that President Obama "has not spoken loudly enough" about his great works.

Communication and emotion -- is that all? Not yet. Former Vice President Walter Mondale submits that the famous Obama teleprompter ("idiot box," as he calls it) is the culprit -- it "loses voters."

Well, then, the problem is inadequate communication compounded by a shortage of sympathy and further damaged by a teleprompter. The idea conjures images of voters at a Tea Party rally shouting "MORE FEELINGS!" "TALK MORE, MR. PRESIDENT!" "I CAN'T VOTE FOR A MAN WITH A TELEPROMPTER."

Silly stuff, but note the remark about avoiding the subject of legislation ("stop talking about bills in Congress."). That's just what Democratic congressional candidates seem to be doing in silent recognition that the Obama-Reid-Pelosi agenda is the problem -- a reality that no amount of friendly excuses can overcome.

Anticipating the November election, the President has lately said that he is ready for "hand to hand combat" on Capitol Hill to pass more unpopular and socialistic legislation. And if need be, he is reportedly prepared to make an end run through executive action to save and expand his beloved "agenda."

Republicans should not count their chickens before they hatch, but they can count on our liberal president sticking to liberalism, come what may. So fasten your seatbelts -- it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

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