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This hasn't been a good time.

By 1.12.12

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Dear Diary,

I am sorry I have not been in touch for a little while. I am besieged. My wife, the glory of humanity, the finest person on God's earth, has been ill, and this worries me profoundly and also keeps me busy shopping, bill paying, cooking. If she does not get well soon, we will take her to the Mayo Clinic for a work up. She is truly the most wonderful human that I have ever even heard of. Please pray for her.

Second, I am working day and night on preparation for litigation which may come at any moment involving a spasm of totally, absolutely false allegations of misbehavior by me towards a makeup artist, involving employment discrimination and harassment.

To those of you who have come to know me over the years, these allegations will be actually funny if they ever become known. But in today's world, I have to work like a beaver and spend a lot of money to prepare my defense (and offense). My nemesis is represented by a super star celebrity woman attorney who is also an extremely close friend of the woman in question. This will be interesting but it consumes a lot of time. (On the other hand, it organizes my day.)

I also have been down thinking about Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nixon, the peacemakers. There are some people who start wars and some who finish wars. Nixon was a peacemaker. He just had his 99th birthday. Mrs. Patricia Ryan Nixon (I LOVE THE IRISH) had her centenary.

When I think of their crucifixion by the left and the media pooh-bahs, I still weep. Peacemakers always get crucified. But Mrs. Nixon took all of it with such aplomb, with such courage, with such good humor (I had the extreme honor of knowing her in person although only a little bit -- her wit was brilliant… she once said to me, "Julie talks about you so much…it makes me sick." But she said it with a great colleen's smile) that it made her a genuine hero.

I think of Mrs. Nixon constantly. There she was -- the Christian in the Colosseum, attacked by the monsters in their fur coats and all she had was her "good Republican cloth coat" and the courage and spiritual strength of a saint and the love of a spectacularly good family. Surely she must occupy a special place in heaven.

I will be back in touch soon.

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