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Current Wisdom

By From the April 2012 issue

Miss Krystie Yandoli, "a senior women and gender studies and English and textual studies major" at Syracuse University, launches her bark upon troubled waters at the outset of a life headed for rage and grief:

Occupy Valentine's Day originated on Tumblr courtesy of Samhita Mukhopadhyay, executive editor of and author of "Outdated: Why Dating is Ruining Your Love Life." The Tumblr blog serves as a space for individuals to express their disdain with all the clichés and problematic ways in which Valentine's Day is celebrated in our culture….

I've never been a big fan of Valentine's Day, regardless of my relationship status—not because I don't like candy and not because I don't believe in love. My real problem is the commoditization of love that benefits from capitalist gains and the perpetuation of traditional and limiting gender norms.

After spending countless years in search of alternative ways to celebrate Valentine's Day, I owe Mukhopadhyay a debt of gratitude for spearheading an Occupy Valentine's Day movement.
(February 7, 2012)


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