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Current Wisdom

By From the March 2013 issue

The celebrated intellectual Mark Oppenheimer of Yale and the New York Times contemplates taking up the current left-wing health food craze midst his sleeping daughters and boring wife:

I have three daughters, ages six, four, and two, and they are all in bed by eight o’clock at night. My wife, who rises much earlier than I do, retires by 9:30 or ten. I, however, am a night owl, and I find it hard to fall asleep much before midnight. So usually I find myself with about two hours alone in my house, puttering about, wishing I had a better cable-TV package. Late in the day, I don’t have the energy to write, or even to read much. Last night, I ended up watching a 2009 Aziz Ansari stand-up special, streaming on Netflix, while eating a Häagen-Dazs coffee “cup,” one of those cute 3.6–ounce miniatures. Which got me thinking: Why am I not stoned right now?

This was not a new insight; for about the past year, I have been meaning to start smoking pot again.…
January 30, 2013


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