Current Wisdom

Current Wisdom

By From the March 2013 issue

Celebratory news about a health food craze sweeping the country and the intellectual uses to which it can be put:

It’s a brand new year, and in the world of marijuana we are going into unchartered territory in Washington State and Colorado. In other states, medical marijuana programs are either up and running or in the works. It seems like almost every other state is talking about either recreational or medical marijuana reform. New products are coming out every day, marijuana is going mainstream, and there appears to be no end in sight. It’s truly an exciting time to be a marijuana consumer/activist/etc…. I have often dreamed of opening a 420 arcade with retro games. There’s just something about smoking a doobie while playing pinball at an establishment that sounds awesome to me, even if I had to bring my own.
January 1, 2013


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