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Current Wisdom

By From the March 2013 issue

Actress Jodie Foster, midst an elegant rant at the Golden Globe Awards, descants on the hygiene and the Art of Hollywood:

“Well, for all of you ‘SNL’ fans, I’m 50! I’m 50! You know, I need to do that without this dress on, but you know, maybe later at Trader Vic’s, boys and girls. What do you say? I’m 50! You know, I was going to bring my walker tonight but it just didn’t go with the cleavage…. Executives, producers, the directors, my fellow actors out there, we’ve giggled through love scenes, we’ve punched and cried and spit and vomited and blown snot all over one another—and those are just the co-stars I liked.”
January 13, 2013


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