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No Hiding in Hyde Park


A provocative cover letter sent last week to entering University of Chicago freshmen along with a book on academic freedom started the school year with a bang, when the respected college dean of students John Ellison declared: we do not support so called “trigger warnings,” we do not cancel invited speakers because their topics prove […]

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Will Appeals Ruling Sober Up State’s Pension Abusers?


Sacramento California’s hardy band of pension reformers show many of the symptoms of “battered spouse syndrome.” No matter how often they are beaten and ridiculed, they cling to hope. Maybe this time, the state will get its act together and reform a system of profiteering that’s threatening our fiscal future. I’ve heard them say as […]

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Extreme Anxiety — Or How to Negotiate With Hostage-Holding Terrorists


An excerpt from Daniel Wattenberg’s new nonfiction novella, Decatur’s Wake: The Fateful Rivalry Behind the Lightning Defeat of Barbary Terror, available as a Kindle Single from Amazon. Within five days of his arrival in the Mediterranean in June 1815 in command of a squadron of ten ships, Commodore Stephen Decatur had captured two Algerine warships, including […]

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You Need the Civil Society


Baton Rouge Tuesday, President Barack Obama landed in Baton Rouge to tour the devastation of the historic flood in South Louisiana. In his remarks to the media during his visit, the president noted, after saluting the various local, state and federal muckety-mucks with him on the riser, the extraordinary efforts of ordinary people in response […]

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