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Don’t Kiss Me, Kate


Mr. Stillman, an old friend of The American Spectator, must have seen it as a challenge to make a movie so much against the grain of the familiar genre of costume drama as to feature a heroine with whom his female audience will presumably not want to identify themselves.

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A Pilgrim’s Centennial: Walker Percy at 100


A great 20th century writer should not become America’s greatest literary secret. I don’t really need an excuse to recommend the novels and non-fiction essays of the late Walker Percy of Covington, Louisiana and the world. But I have one anyway, as Saturday is the 100th anniversary of the birth, in Birmingham, Alabama of one of the […]

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Moondog at 100: A Classicist in a Class of His Own


If you were in New York City between 1947 and 1972 and found yourself walking on Sixth Avenue between West 52nd & West 55th Streets, there is a very good chance you saw a blind Viking carrying a stick as large as himself.

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