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Pat Toomey

Toomey and Trump — Who Is Dooming Whom?


As this commentary is being written, the U.S. Senate race in Pennsylvania between incumbent Pat Toomey and Democratic rival Katie McGinty may be too close to call. Depending on whether one consults Real Clear Politics or the latest Muhlenberg College poll, the Republican incumbent is either one point ahead or five points behind. Toomey’s fate […]

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California’s Moral Superiority Complex


Sacramento I was drinking a beer recently in a bar in a small northern California town when a woman came in and demanded to know if any of the people sitting there owned a pickup truck parked out front. There was a dog inside it, sweltering in the 100-plus-degree Central Valley heat. She was going […]

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The Stale and Scripted Hillary


“He loves beauty contests, supporting them and hanging around them,” said Hillary Clinton late in Monday’s debate, as she desperately retailed every cheap shot advisers had drilled into her. The “he” in question wasn’t her womanizing husband in the front row but Donald Trump. Hillary’s resort to smears and her reliance on a painfully stale […]

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Did Barack Obama Vote Communist in 1980?


A fascinating tidbit was reported by CNN: Barack Obama’s CIA director, John Brennan, recently reminisced about being asked a standard question for a security clearance in his early days applying to the agency: Had he ever worked with or for a group that was dedicated to overthrowing the United States of America? Of course, one […]

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Coach Bob Knight’s Winning Take on Candidate Trump


Pittsburgh I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Coach Bobby Knight. He has fond memories of Pittsburgh. His great aunt took him to his first major league baseball game when he was 8 years old to see the Pirates play the Cardinals. That was 68 years ago. When I asked the Coach about his […]

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Our Greatest Entrepreneur?


If I were to ask you — you being the average, massively well-informed TAS reader — to identify the greatest living entrepreneur of the 21st century, whose name would spring to mind? You might think first of Bill Gates. But no, he was one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the 20th century. And after he […]

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Karl Marx

What’s Left? Trump Against Clinton Echoes Capitalism Against Communism


Hillary Clinton is not a communist. That said, she is certainly running to the left. What’s left? That’s actually an interesting question. People throw around the terms “left” and “right” with an instinctive, imprecise, sense of their meanings. It’s good to get back to first principles. I am rereading, after long neglect, the charter document […]

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‘Sully’ Sullied?


Whatever else it does or doesn’t do, Clint Eastwood’s Sully makes an interesting case study for those of us who think a lot about the relationship between movies, or popular culture in general, and real life. Because the whole story of “the Miracle on the Hudson” on January 15, 2009 took only seconds to unfold, […]

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